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Procedures for TA and Ratification - Kenmore Only

Procedures for TA and Ratification - Kenmore Only

Who decides when we have a Tentative Agreement?
A: The Bargaining Team together decides when to accept a Tentative Agreement to bring back to the membership.

Will we have time to read through the TA and ask questions before we vote on it?
A: Yes. We will have a Final Bargaining Report for everyone to read through, and there will be informational meetings throughout the voting day so everyone can ask questions. Meeting times will be Nov 8 at 7:15a, 2:00p, 3:15p, & 7:15p.

What if I cannot attend a meeting due to extenuating circumstances?  How will I be able to review the TA and ask questions?
A: Please email and we will work with you to answer your questions and provide a copy of the Final Bargaining Report. Bargaining committee members will also be available to answer questions during the voting times.    

How do we vote on the contract?
A: Voting will happen in person. People will be able to vote on: 
-- Monday, Nov 8, 6:30am-8pm, at Kenmore Mercy Community room.

How can I vote if I am quarantined for COVID or out-of-town?
A: Unfortunately you will not be able to vote if you are not able to physically be at the location.  

How many yes votes are needed to ratify the contract? Does every hospital vote on the same contract, or does each hospital ratify its own contract? What about RNs and STCs at each hospital?
A: 50% plus one yes votes are needed to ratify the contract. Each hospital and bargaining unit votes to ratify its own contract.

What happens if one hospital votes to ratify and another does not?
A: If one hospital does not ratify, we will have to go back to the bargaining table.

What happens if we don’t ratify the contract?
A: If we don’t get a majority vote to ratify the contract, the Bargaining Team will return to the bargaining table and we will continue to be on strike. Picketing will resume.

 What happens with Open Enrollment? Will CHS extend the time period for it?
A: Yes, the open enrollment period for CWA members has been extended to November 19.

If we ratify the contract, will we still do a Thanksgiving meal drive and holiday toy drive?
A: Yes! The Community Service Committee will continue working on both of those efforts. If you would like to donate a toy for a member's child between 0 and 15 years old, you can register here.