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Nov 5 - TA and Ratification Information

Procedures for TA and Ratification - Mercy Hospital

Who decides when we have a Tentative Agreement?

A: The Bargaining Team together decides when to accept a Tentative Agreement to bring back to the membership.

Will we have time to read through the TA and ask questions before we vote on it? 

A: Yes. We will have a Final Bargaining Report for everyone to read through, and we are scheduling in-person membership meetings for this Saturday so everyone can ask questions and we can discuss the TA together. Meetings will be held on Saturday at 7:30am, 10:30am, 2:30pm and 5:30pm and Sunday at 9am and 11am at the Irish Center (245 Abbott Rd). You must sign-up to attend a meeting because space is limited. Sign up here: Masks are required for everyone at the meetings. 

What if I cannot attend a meeting due to extenuating circumstances?  How will I be able to review the TA and ask questions?

A: Please email and we will work with you to answer your questions and provide a copy of the Final Bargaining Report. Bargaining committee members will also be available to answer questions during all the voting times.    

How do we vote on the contract?

A: Voting will happen in person. People will be able to vote on: 

  • -- Saturday, Nov 6, 8am-8:30pm, at the Irish Center (245 Abbott Rd)
  • -- Sunday, Nov 7, 8am-4pm, at the Irish Center (245 Abbott Rd) 
  • -- Monday, Nov 8, 8am-12pm, at CWA 1133 union hall (821 Elk St)

How can I vote if I am quarantined for COVID or out-of-town?

A: Unfortunately you will not be able to vote if you are not able to physically be at the location.  

Why are we voting so quickly on the contract?

A: We have heard loud and clear from the membership that they are anxious to return to work as quickly as possible.  But, we also wanted to make sure that if members needed some additional time to read through the documents and ask questions, they could. Therefore, voting will be open all day Saturday, and part of the day on Sunday and Monday.  Bargaining committee members will be available to answer questions during all the voting times.

How many yes votes are needed to ratify the contract? Does every hospital vote on the same contract, or does each hospital ratify its own contract? What about RNs and STCs at each hospital?

A: 50% plus one yes votes are needed to ratify the contract. Each hospital and bargaining unit votes to ratify its own contract.

What happens if one hospital votes to ratify and another does not?

A: If one hospital does not ratify, we will have to go back to the bargaining table.

Do we keep picketing while we vote on the contract?

A: No, we will suspend picketing while we vote on the contract. 

What happens if we don’t ratify the contract?

A: If we don’t get a majority vote to ratify the contract, the Bargaining Team will return to the bargaining table and we will continue to be on strike. Picketing will resume.

If we stop picketing, how does that impact strike pay? Will we continue getting strike paychecks from the Member Relief Fund while we vote on the contract?

A: We will receive strike pay until we are back at work. Picketing responsibilities will no longer apply once picketing is suspended. If the contract is ratified and an employee returns to work mid-week, strike pay will be prorated for that week.      

If we ratify the contract, when will we return to work?

A: As part of our TA with the hospital we have agreed on a process for returning quickly to work if the contract is ratified. We and the hospital are committed to getting everyone back to work as quickly as possible. Employees will begin returning to work on Wednesday, Nov 10. Not all employees will return to work on the same day.

When will we get our CHS healthcare back? Will we continue getting healthcare from the CWA Member Relief Fund until our health insurance from CHS is back?

A: Health coverage will be reinstated for everyone once employees begin returning to work. The Hospital has agreed to reinstate health insurance retroactive back to November 1.

When we do go back, are we going to be able to use any unused PFL time?

A: PFL will still be available to utilize for this year.

What happens with Open Enrollment? Will CHS extend the time period for it?

A: Yes, the open enrollment period for CWA members has been extended to November 19 per the back-to-work agreement.

I got a letter from CHS saying that I owe them for a missed payment for my health/dental insurance. What should I do? What about missed payments for life and long-term disability insurance?

A: Please do not pay at this time. You will have the choice to pay in the first full pay period following the return to work or the repayment amount can be divided into up to thirteen (13) pay periods, per the back to work agreement.  

I received a check for PTO and parking fees were taken out even though I did not have access to the parking ramp.  How do I receive a refund for that payment?

A: You will be reimbursed for parking deductions made while you were on strike per the back-to-work agreement.

If we ratify the contract, what happens to the money that’s left in the Solidarity Fund?

A: We will maintain money in the Solidarity Fund until all members have returned to work and received their first paycheck.  If you have a financial hardship, please come down to the Union hall for assistance. 

If we ratify the contract, will we still do a Thanksgiving meal drive and holiday toy drive?

A: Yes! The Community Service Committee will continue working on both of those efforts. If you would like to receive a toy for your family member between 0 and 15 years old, you can register here.