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Nov 11 - Return to Work Update

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Return to Work Update

Everyone should have received a form from HR about missed benefit deductions, which should be completed and returned to HR before November 19.  Contact the union hall if you did not receive the form.

The team answering questions on the “CWA 2021 CHS Bargaining” Facebook page is not as readily available due to returning to work and focusing on contract implementation.  Please call the union hall with any questions or concerns at 716-828-1133 or contact your Board Members directly.  The hall is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm, at 821 Elk St. 

Member Relief Fund Checks

Checks will be available on Friday: 8am-9:45am at the union hall (821 Elk St) and 10am-8pm in the Mercy cafeteria. We are planning to bring checks to the offsites for those scheduled there on Friday.

Checks will not be available during the weekend now that everyone is returning to work. On Monday, checks will be available 8a-10a at the union hall and 10a-4p at the Mercy cafeteria.  After then, checks will be at the union hall on weekdays 8a-4p.

If you can’t pick up your own check, someone can pick it up for you with their photo ID, your photo ID and a signed letter from you.

This will be the last Member Relief Fund check.  If you need financial assistance before paychecks resume, please contact the union hall.


Our Unemployment Team will continue to work to answer your questions and resolve ongoing issues through our contacts at the Department of Labor.  You are still eligible to receive payment for the time you were on strike, even if you haven't been paid yet.  Please call the union hall and someone from the Unemployment Team should get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanksgiving Drive

On Tuesday, November 16th, Feed More of WNY will be graciously donating perishable & non-perishable food to CWA Local 1133. Distribution will be at the union hall (821 Elk St) from 2p-8:30p! First come, first serve. Limited supply like last time. 

Receiving Money from the Solidarity Fund

In order to process bills through the Solidarity Fund*, we need:

  • Form filled out

  • Copy of the bill that needs to be paid

  • Unemployment letter stating benefit amount you will be receiving

*As a reminder, the Solidarity Fund is separate from the CWA Member Relief Fund. The Member Relief Fund funds our strike pay checks we’re receiving each week as well as healthcare coverage for necessary treatment should CHS cut off our health insurance. The Solidarity Fund is set up through outside donations and can be used for members who have emergency bills or payments they need assistance with.