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Support the Strike

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Call Catholic Health CEO Mark Sullivan!

Please call Mark Sullivan right now at 866-452-1082. When his secretary answers, ask for Mark and leave him a clear message: "Protect patients and end this strike now. It's up to you"

Holiday Donations

With the holidays coming up soon, we're holding a Toy Drive to make sure that all of our members's families have a great holiday season! If you'd like to contribute, you can use one of the following registries:

If you'd like to make a monetary donation, please contact the Local 1133 union hall at 828-1133 and speak with Corrine Lockhart.

General Donations

To send an electronic monetary donation, click hereWe also greatly welcome donations in the form of gift cards or checks delivered to the Local 1133 office (address below).

We've had an amazing outpouring of support from the community already in just one day on the picket line! Because we've gotten so many food and water donations, we're asking that anyone would like to give items, please bring them to the CWA Local 1133 office instead of straight to the picket line:

821 Elk St
Buffalo, NY 14210

Stop by the Picket Lines

Come by the picket line to say hi and let our members know that you stand with us! 

If you're driving by, give us a honk to show your support!

Join the Picket Lines

Walk with us and show Catholic Health how strong our community is! You can join for a few minutes or a few hours - any time you can spend on the line with us is a huge help. 

Help Us Spread the Word

Follow our social media accounts:

We have a social media toolkit you can use here.