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Friday, October 1st Info and Schedule

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Important Picket Line Change for Those Assigned to MCCC, East Aurora, or the Med Park

Closures at MCC, East Aurora, and the Med Park. If you have been assigned to picket at those locations, please report to Mercy Hospital at your designated times.

Click here to see the Strike Schedule.

Need to swap a shift? Visit the 1133 Strike Schedule Bulletin Board to trade shifts with other members.

Friday, October 1 Info & Logistics

If you are scheduled to work at Mercy Hospital

  • Go to work. At 6am, leave work through the front door.
  • Consider parking on the street instead of in the garage. If you park in the garage you must move your car by 6:30am. If you do not move your car by 6:30am, you will have to pay to move it.
  • It’s the employer’s responsibility to have someone to cover your patients. They are required to have nursers there for handoff. If for some reason there is no one to cover your patients, please call the 1133 office at (716) 828-1133. There will be someone at the office beginning at 5am to take your call and put you in touch with someone nearby at the hospital who can help.

If you are off work

  • Be at the front of Mercy at 6am. Wear scrubs or bring out the red!

Other times to assemble at Mercy Hospital

  • 11am - 1pm
  • 4pm - 6pm
  • Any extra time you have Friday, Saturday, Sunday - come to your nearest picket line and bring your family and friends!

It's VERY VERY IMPORTANT to show a huge amount of strength on the first day of the strike, so even if you're not scheduled to picket, PLEASE COME TO THE PICKET LINE.

Are you getting text message updates from us? If not, For text "CHSstrike" to 69866.

For up-to-date strike info, call 747-CWA1133 (747-292-1133). This is an un-staffed number that will let you know the status of the strike. You will not be able to leave a message at this number.