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9/30 - Comprehensive Bargaining Summary, 7pm

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Union Position

CHS Position

CT 1 – Agreement

One proposal on Agreement that will appear in front of the common table language.  CWA rejected CH proposal.  Tied into MOU on Joint Bargaining.

Six separate proposals on agreement.

CT 13 – Job Descriptions

Job qualifications will be utilized in the posting of jobs without alterations.  People with no experience but with seniority will be awarded jobs and be trained.

They will select low senior employees over senior employees if the low senior employee has experience.

CT 26 – Contracting Out

Do not want CH to contract work out in EVS.  Do not want to take concessions on contracting out language.

Increase circumstances where they can contract out bargaining unit.  No movement.

CT 39 – Merger, Consolidation, Transfer of Establishment of Work within Catholic Health

When CH relocates our work to other CH facilities we want them to follow certain fair rules for how our members will be moved. The recent closure of floors and departments at St. Joseph Hospital emphasized how important this type of language

Wants the union to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to get more information.


Doesn’t want to negotiate wage protection or severance pay.

CT 48 – Staffing/Clinical Staffing Committee

Proposed staffing ratios and Clinical Staffing Committee language in line with the new NYS law.

No staffing ratios in proposal.  Want to stay with current staffing plans and grids. Commitment to increase staff to 10% above the current average daily census.

CT 49 – Organizing Agreement

Committed to by CH at labor management on 11/8/2019. CH continues to contract out work, the union needs a way to organize members that are made non-Union.


CT 50 – Pandemic Preparedness

Union proposal is a comprehensive plan that includes language on many issues to prepare for, for any future pandemic/epidemic state of emergency

Will not agree to bargain within 48 hours of a pandemic related to hazard pay. Also not agree to add protection that they won’t make unilateral changes to the contract.

CT 51 – Bonus Payment Program

CWA made a proposal to create a bonus payment program for all hours worked above the employees’ budgeted hours. $20/hr for RNs and technical. $10/hr for service and clerical

RNs will be paid $7, Techs will be paid $5 and SC will be paid $3 per hour.

CT 52 - Overtime

No mandatory OT for anyone.

Mandatory OT for STC

CT 53 – Paid Time Off

Union moved to current contract on PTO for full timers but we are proposing an improvement for part-timers.

Current Contract

CT 56 – Dental Insurance

CWA is proposing present contract on the level of benefits

CH is proposing a decrease in Restorative/Oral Surgery from 70% to 50%. 

CT 59 – Extended Sick Leave Pay

The law states that employees must make a request whether in writing or verbally in order to utilize PSL. 


May use either SLP or ESL when there is a long term disability.

CH has been forcing employees to use PSL for any call in.


Must use SLP before ESL.


Will not accrue sick leave on all hospital paid time.

CT 60 – Retirement Plan

CWA is still proposing an improvement to the PRA and to protect the grandfathered legacy employees.

CH has proposed to go back to present contract on pension. 

CT 63 – Health Coverage

No high deductible option.


Present contract on premiums except that Part-time employees will stay at 55%.


All co-pays stay at PC with slight improvement for SJC Service and KMH Technical.

Add High Deductible as an option


Concession to move employees who are grandfathered at 90% to 85%


Concession to mandate all new hires into the high deductible plan at 75%


Concession for some part-time employees to move to 55%.  Improvement for some employees currently at 50%

CT 64 – Prescription Drug

The Union is proposing present contract. 5/15/35.

CH has proposed to increase the out of pocket co-pays on all prescriptions to 5/35/65 for CH facility/pharmacy and 5/50/100 non CH facility/pharmacy

CT 66-69 Salaries

CWA made an extensive proposal to create four new wage scales that would cross hospital lines. We proposed a pay scale for all Registered Nurses, all Clerical Employees, all Service Employees and all Technical Employees. The Union also proposed a significant number of job upgrades because of the number of employees that are still paid below $15.00/hour and we have a significant number of members that are paid far below our competitor’s rates.


We are proposing new base salaries for a Clerical, Service, Technical and RNs and then a 4.5% increase in each of three years.


We are also proposing retroactivity back to June 2021.

There are significant wage increases on the table for some employees but some employees will get lump payments with their proposals. [Wage increases vary by job title and by step, for example someone may get a higher increase at the bottom of the scale than at the top of the scale]

Catholic Health is proposing no retroactivity.

CT 70 – Duration

Three years

Four Years

CT 71 – Health Plan Co-Pays

Look at with UP on Health Coverage

Increase in 4 co-pays.



CT 72 – Salaries

See Union Proposals


CT 65 – MOU on the Agreement

Successor agreement to the joint bargaining MOU where we remove many of the time lines that were in the initial proposal and restore the right to strike.

Tracks the original MOU and keeps the right to strike at all Hospitals.