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Hear from Our Members

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"I worked on a COVID unit every day. Got written up for sitting and drinking a bottle of water. Exhausted every day."

"This past year has been very stressful due to COVID-19. I feel that we are all physically and mentally drained. I feel the housekeepers are are over-worked during this stressful time when we play a very important part in keeping this building cleaned and sanitized. We are overworked and under-staffed and under-appreciated."

"One year ago... my head was in the game. I felt supported, strong, and ready. Fast forward to today. I'm defeated, miserable, and don't want to work anymore. I feel unsupported, sad, and defeated. Healthcare heroes to healthcare zeros."

"It was a scary, dark place for me and my family. Working five day per week and going home to be a teacher for the next eight hours, it was very hard and still is. Working with COVID patients and hoping not to bring it home to my family. I want people to understand what it felt like for me and how scared I still am."

"Our jobs were made increasingly more difficult with added work as lab was not entering COVID rooms. We were giving patient care without proper protection and finding out the next day that patients were COVID positive. It was scary going home to family and not being sure if you were exposing them to COVID. Staffing on the floor that is constantly short was made worse by call offs of COVID positive staff."

"COVID has created many challenges. Care management staffing shortages persist. Staff have continued to persevere despite lack of staff, lack of hazard pay, shortages of PPE, and other challenges that COVID-19 have brought."

"This last year has been very taxing both physically and emotionally. Heading into work knowing there was a 95% chance we would be working short-staffed was really hard some days because of how tired we were."

"Things are unsafe. The nurses are running with sometimes 9-10 patients on the medical side and on the COVID side 6-7 patients. They are adding beds to our unit which is ridiculous when there isn’t enough staff to begin with. The nursing aides are always short. On the COVID unit there is no separation between donning/doffing and the patients it’s all open area. Only one charge nurse on nights to oversee 49 patients and if there's an emergency in the COVID unit, the time it takes to safely gown up could be crucial."