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Press Releases

CWA Catholic Health Strike: Day 11

Below is the latest from CWA-represented nurses, technical, service and clerical staff employed by Catholic Health System, who walked off the job on Friday, October 1, over a long-standing staffing crisis that they want to see alleviated in new contracts.

CWA Bargaining Committees & Catholic Health Resume Negotiations

Today at 9AM, CWA and Catholic Health resumed bargaining over a new master contract. 


Yesterday at Mercy Hospital, workers created a wall of photos documenting their fight battling the COVID-19 pandemic within the hospitals. Afterwards, workers commemorated their fallen colleagues and shared their personal stories and testimonials of being on the frontlines of the height of the pandemic. Some spoke tearfully about mental, emotional and physical stress they endured on the job due to scarcity of PPE, a lack of essential supplies to care for patients, and being thrown into situations where they were not fully trained for the work or had to care for an overwhelming number of patients due to Catholic Health’s staffing crisis.