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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
I’m having problems with unemployment, what do I do?
Follow instructions given by NYS unemployment. Go to the hall if you have any issues. We now have a specialist from NYS unemployment helping with our union members during the strike.

When and where will I be paid from the strike fund?
Checks will be available Saturday or Sunday 8:30am-830pm at the union hall. Checks WILL NOT be mailed.

Do we have insurance after October 31, 2021?
CHS has stated they are continuing our insurance, however, if insurance was to stop, we ask you to do the following:
  • Ask doctors offices to bill you.
  • Keep your bills and submit to the union (if we do not have active insurance only), the union would determine at this point if you would qualify for COBRA or if bills will be paid on an individual basis. If insurance was stopped by CHS union members would not accrue debts for anything medically necessary.
If health insurance continues, will we be responsible to pay our portion?
Yes. CHS will take the money back out of your check when we return to work. We will have to negotiate over this as part of a return to work agreement.

What do we do about our 403B and life insurance deductions?
We believe CHS will take the money back out of your check when we return to work. We will have to negotiate over this as part of a return to work agreement.

What happens if we don’t go back to work before open enrollment closes?
Catholic Health will have to do a special open enrollment.

I’ve been offered a position at a different CHS facility. Is it true I can’t start the new position until the strike is over, plus they can hold me in my current job for an additional 30 days?
We are not aware of this information. If this is happening, please notify the union and we will investigate.

What’s happening to PTO? I was supposed to take during the strike? What about ESL / disability?
If you were on ESL/DBL or Scheduled PTO prior to the strike, people continue to be paid. Scheduled PTO after the strike began is not paid. Any new occurrences of DBL will not be paid unless we return to work.

How will the bargaining team decide when the proposal is good enough to go to a vote?
The bargaining team will have discussions with each other and determine if they feel the membership will agree to the proposal. If they deem the proposal appropriate we will go to a vote with the “tentative agreement”. Voters will be educated regarding the proposal in detail prior to the vote.

Do we continue to strike after we reach a tentative agreement?
If a tentative agreement is reached, we will attempt to hold the vote as quickly as possible. In addition, we will have to negotiate a return to work agreement. Once the contract is ratified, and the return to work agreement is reached, people will start returning to work.

Has the Downstaffing on call payment been figured out?
The Hospital has advised they will pay on call now with 4 hour increments.